Oatley West Community Festival

26-28th August 2022

How funds have been spent so far

How funds have been spent so far

Thanks to the community, our volunteers and sponsors, we have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last 40 years. In 2019 we raised over $41,000, and this year we’re hoping to beat this number!

Revenue raised from the OWPS Community Festival is managed by the school P&C. In recent times, these funds have been invested into the following areas at Oatley West Public School – benefiting previous, current and future generations of OWPS students, staff, families and community members:

  • Air-conditioners in classrooms
  • Providing cover for ramp access to the hall
  • Additional power to outdoor areas, extending flexible learning options
  • Learning Support Teacher (additional hours)
  • Teachers’ classroom hampers
  • Library equipment
  • Interactive whiteboards in all classrooms
  • Wifi technology
  • A new projector for the hall
  • New appliances for the canteen
  • Outdoor roofing structure (COLA)
  • Sporting equipment

Going back, the Community Festival, or OWPS Art and Craft Show as it was then called, facilitated much of the school’s major infrastructure including the computer room, school hall and other large scale projects.

If you’d like to have your say on how funds are used, please come along to the P&C meetings. Dates are included in the newsletter and term notes and all parents/carers of OWPS students are welcome, or please contact us owpscommunityfestival@gmail.com for further information.